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  1. ATLA Religion database via EBSCOHost (0/3332) / 7
    LIMITED TO SFOT. The leading index of journal articles, books & reviews in religion. Includes FULL TEXT. Tambien en español. This EBSCOHost search page also includes the Christian Periodical Index, Library and Information Technology Abstracts, and GreenFile. [broken link],uid

  2. Suffern Free Library (0/1717) / 7
    Use your Suffern Free Library card to use databases --tambien en español--, check out DVDs . . . [broken link]

  3. Wesley Center for Applied Theology (0/1535) / 7
    Tambien en español e portugese. Links to back issues of the Wesleyan Theological Journal, holiness classics, and more. [broken link]

  4. Enciclopedia moderna y Escolar online (0/1386) / 7
    LIMITADA AL SFOT. En Español. Encyclopedia Britannica's Spanish Reference Center, with Enciclopedia moderna for adults and Escolar online for children. [broken link]

  5. Predicar (0/1320) / 7
    En español. Interpretación biblica, Teoría homilética, Teología pastoral, y mas. Por Rev. Dr. Pablo A. Jiménez. [broken link]

  6. Plagio (0/1219) / 7
    En español. Plagio -- que es, y como se evita. [broken link]

  7. Cyber Hymnal (0/1208) / 7
    NetHymnal has words, music MIDI files, author and composer bios, hymn stories, and scores you can download if you have NoteWorthy. Tambien en español. Their FAQ claims that they do not post copyrighted material without permission. [broken link]

  8. Christian Book Distributors (0/1202) / 7
    SHOP for books, Bible study software, and more --tambien en español--! Read reviews. Includes Discount Christian Software. [broken link]

  9. Scripture Union (0/1135) / 7
    Tambien en español. Excellent way for anyone to meet God daily in His word. Take the Essential 100 challenge to read through the Bible quickly! After school curriculum developed with The Salvation Army. [broken link]

  10. Apuntes Pastorales (0/955) / 7
    En español. [broken link]

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