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  1. American Association of Christian Counselors (0/1665) / 7
    American Association of Christian Counselors [broken link]

  2. Asset-Based Community Development Institute (0/1057) / 7
    ABCD is the source for workbooks on building communities from the inside out. [broken link]

  3. Christian Community Development Association (0/1410) / 7
    Restoring under-resourced communities. The annual conference is invaluable for connecting and learning from practitioners. Find the 8 key components of CCD under About us > Philosophy. [broken link]

  4. Evangelicals for Social Action (0/802) / 7
    PRISM magazine, Word and Deed network (no connection to the SA journal), and other ways to advocate and work together in holistic ministry [broken link]

  5. Family and Community Ministries (0/285) / 7
    An open-source, peer-reviewed online journal for Christian leaders. From Baylor University School of Social Work. [broken link]

  6. FirstGov: the US government Web portal (0/662) / 7
    Tambien en espaņol. Up to date information on social conditions, and the government approach to addressing them. Includes census demographics for any place or issue. You can also find student aid, renew a passport, file your taxes . . . [broken link]

  7. Integrated Mission: conversations about how it is being done (0/279) / 8
    On the Canadian Salvation Army YouTube channel salvationarmyreports. Conversations with Commissioner John Nelson and Ian and Alison Campbell. Three videos, about 13 minutes each. [broken link]

  8. MedLinePlus (0/642) / 7
    Excellent resource for health topics in many languages. Tambien en espaņol. [broken link]

  9. North American Association of Christians in Social Work (0/846) / 7
    Podcasts, online discussions, resource links, continuing education through their journal . . . [broken link]

  10. Social Research Methods (0/431) / 7
    This site's Knowledge Database is a hypertext textbook on social research methods. [broken link]

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