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» Wesleyan Holiness Digital Library
Tambien en espaņol.

» Dead Sea Scrolls
From the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, the largest digital collection of Dead...

» Evangelical Training Association
Want your leaders to be fully equipped for transformational ministry? Want...

» Biblical Training
"World class educational resources for discipleship". Free onlin...

» Journal of Inductive Biblical Studies
Open access, peer reviewed, electronic journal from Asbury Theological Semi...

  1. USA West Aggressive Christianity (0/475) / 7
    The Western Territory's Aggressive Christianity Web site. Their AC.TV YouTube channel includes an hour long presentation on Joe the Turk. [broken link]

  2. Virtual Training Suite (0/636) / 7
    Free tutorials on "how to get the best from the Web" in a variety of disciplines, including social sciences (but UK based). INTERNET DETECTIVE helps you "discern the good, the bad, and the ugly" in online research. [broken link]

  3. VisuWords (0/636) / 7
    Interactive graphical dictionary that shows you how words and ideas are related to each other -- great for narrowing down a research topic! [broken link]

  4. Vote Smart (0/574) / 7
    Find your candidates' position and voting record. Take back democracy! Political Courage Test sent to all 2012 presidential candidates. [broken link]

  5. Wesley Center for Applied Theology (0/1535) / 7
    Tambien en espaņol e portugese. Links to back issues of the Wesleyan Theological Journal, holiness classics, and more. [broken link]

  6. Wesleyan Holiness Digital Library (0/404) / 7
    Tambien en espaņol. [broken link]

  7. Wikipedia alernatives (0/702) / 7
    47 Web sites you can use instead of Wikipedia -- compiled by guide. Wikipedia is not valid for academic research because the authors are not identified. When sources are linked, they can be good starting points, especially for current, esoteric and non-academic topics. [broken link]

  8. Wilson OmniFile Full Text Select (0/286) / 7
    RESTRICTED TO SFOT. Database of journal articles with full text from a very wide range of fields. [broken link]

  9. Word and Worship Resources for Salvationists (0/408) / 7
    Quarterly resources for sermons and meetings prepared by the USA Southern Territory. Part of the Ministry Toolkit. Free for all Salvationists worldwide! [broken link]

  10. Worship resources (0/3136) / 7
    Church calendar, lectionary, and more from the Christian Resource Institute. [broken link]

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